Best Careers for Female Digital Nomads in 2022

Many students in their early twenties struggle with choosing a career path. Lack of professional experience and not knowing personal strengths and talents are the two largest factors in this conundrum. At the same time, …


Many students in their early twenties struggle with choosing a career path. Lack of professional experience and not knowing personal strengths and talents are the two largest factors in this conundrum. At the same time, every generation goes through this phase and manages to figure things out. The good news is that a multitude of entry-level jobs does not require a degree in a specific field of study and give you a chance to work remotely. If you would like to join the nomad community, check out our list of the best careers for female digital nomads.

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Job hopping is fine!

Job-hopping is not stigmatized as it used to be and serves as a real way to find your passion and vocation. According to the Labour Bureau of Statistics, between the years 1978 and 2018 among the ages from 18 to 54, on average people have held 12.5 jobs. Around six out of twelve have been held between the ages of 18 and 24. These numbers show that frequently changing jobs in your early twenties is completely normal and expected for most people. Since not everyone is lucky enough to find their passion right out of college, we have prepared a list of the best careers for female digital nomads.

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The Top 7 Best Careers for Female Digital Nomads

Regardless of what and how well you have studied at the university, you will have to learn a lot when you finally begin your work life. Unfortunately, a college education can only go that far when it comes to preparing students for real work challenges. Especially in our fast-paced world where knowledge goes obsolete every few years, be ready to continuously learn your entire life. Here is a list of the top seven best careers for female digital nomads that will help you understand your skills, talents, inclinations, and guide you in the right direction. 


Marketing has come a long way and became essential for business survival. Marketers work with social media platforms, manage blogs, launch ads, and do everything they can to raise brand awareness. You get to work with clients from various industries and learn about the market and target audience. The job is also well paid and provides a large variety of jobs opportunities around the globe. The job involves creative thinking, analytical problem-solving, and superb communication with clients and coworkers. 


  • Working in an international environment
  • Remote work is prominent 
  • Ever-changing market that offers versatile projects and challenges.

IT Project Management

With the technology market booming, the demand for an intermediary between development teams and clients is emerging. IT project manager is someone who is somewhat knowledgeable about the process of software development and can also communicate with clients. Due to the large gap of IT proficiency between software engineers and business owners, miscommunication is bound to occur. And this is exactly where an IT project manager saves the day by being able to convey complex software development phases using simple words. Besides that, IT project managers plan, organize and monitor projects, including scope, budget and timeline. 

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  • Creating something impactful from scratch
  • Leading and empowering teams
  • Highly prosperous industry.
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Human Resources 

Human resources (HR) is a profession chosen by specialists who enjoy interacting with people and getting to know them. The most successful HR professionals are the ones with genuine interest and curiosity when it comes to asking questions and learning more about people. This line of work might be a good fit if you are a person who understands how people are wired and can figure out their strong and weak sides. Finding the candidate who will not only bring in the hard skills but also represent the culture and values of the company is the most challenging yet rewarding aspect.


  • Interacting with people and helping them find their dream jobs
  • Resolving internal conflicts and facilitating smooth and understanding workplace environment
  • Decent work-life balance.
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Sales is another industry on the list of best careers for female digital nomads that offers plenty of online job opportunities. If you are persuasive and stress-resistant, a job in sales might be a good choice for you. Salespeople are also excellent communicators and can highlight the best qualities of the product. This job provides enormous earning potential, especially in the B2B market as you will be working on commission. Successful salespeople earn a highly competitive salary.


  • An opportunity to develop great people skills
  • Promote and sell various products and services
  • Work on commissions which increases the earning potential. 


Consulting is for smart and driven people who are not afraid of challenging and complex work. You will require great analytical skills and the ability to solve problems. A huge benefit is endless industry selection as you can consult in marketing, technology, business operations, healthcare management, and much more. If you don’t know much about these industries, don’t worry as most companies provide extensive training for newcomers.


  • Collecting a brilliant network
  • Taking on responsibility early on
  • Working in the international environment. 
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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a large industry that involves every step from acquiring raw materials up until finalizing the product. The job in this field is interesting and complicated which is why it attracts smart and ambitious people. If you are into technology, this field might also be for you as the whole process requires the latest technological solutions.


  • Working with the product from start to final
  • Strategic planning and solving challenging tasks
  • Chance to work independently and take on responsibility.


Journalism welcomes graduates with various professional and educational backgrounds. As long as you are a good writer, your background can be anything from technology, business, and law to sports and media. Having a niche specialization will open up many doors for you as you will be able to become an expert in a certain field and produce industry-specific content.


  • Constantly expanding your knowledge base 
  • Flexible hours and schedule
  • Meeting and interacting with various people. 

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The earlier you begin to look for an entry-level job, the higher are your chances of finding your dream career. Without going through the ordeal of juggling and shifting jobs and landing a few nightmare positions, it is unlikely to find a good career path. First of all, you need to learn and understand yourself to figure out what you are good at. On top of that, job-hopping helps you see what kind of jobs and tasks are definitely not for you. Do not be afraid to try new things out before identifying the perfect occupation. 

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